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Church "St. 40 martyrs "

The church "St. 40 martyrs "was built and painted at the will of Tsar Ivan Assen II in honor of his victory over Theodor Komnin in 1230. In the middle of the century the monastery complex" Great Lavra "was formed around the church. This place is the center of important historical events. Here are some of the most remarkable monuments of Bulgarian medieval history - the columns of Khan Omurtag and Tsar Ivan Asen II, as well as one of Khan Krum's times. After the siege of Thessaloniki, where he died, the Bulgarian troops carried his body to the capital and was believed to be buried here.

Here are also the graves of one of the greatest Bulgarian kings, Ivan Assen II, and his wife Anna-Maria. The relics of St. Ilarion Muglenski were preserved in the temple. Here is also the tomb of Sava Serbski. Later his relics were transferred to Serbia, but his grave is still subject to pilgrimage. The church "St. 40 Martyrs "is connected with a number of events from the most recent history of Bulgaria, when on September 22, 1908, King Ferdinand proclaimed independence аt this monumental place.

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